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  • Published14 Jan 2015
  • Author John Morrison, PhD
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN
John Morrison

Hello and welcome to It is a great pleasure to introduce myself as the site’s new Editor-in-Chief. I believe scientists have a responsibility to provide credible, easy-to-understand science information to the public that funds their research, and I am thrilled to help guide to new heights, while maintaining the integrity and authority established through the leadership of my predecessor, Nick Spitzer.

In my day job, I am a professor of Neuroscience and Dean of Basic Sciences and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In my experience, people all over the world are fascinated by neuroscience and are eager to learn how brain circuits are organized, what makes a neuron special, and how a synapse functions. People from all walks of life have an intense hunger for knowledge regarding how we think, see, feel, move, learn, and remember, among many other mysteries, and can help satisfy their thirst for information I am passionate about ensuring a future for young people interested in pursuing science as a career. I believe that informing and engaging the public may be the single most important thing scientists can do.

I am firmly convinced that fulfills a critically important mission, and I am committed to doing whatever I can to help sustain and improve it going forward.

In the months and years to come, I look forward to working to develop a bigger and better But what won’t change is the site’s commitment to accuracy and accessibility, which has been critically important to’s success. I am thankful to Nick Spitzer for developing a dynamic and rock-solid platform for growth and for helping to make an authoritative source of neuroscience information for the public. I look forward to sharing the many wonders of the brain and nervous system with you.

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